16 Giugno 2017

TYPO3 celebrates 20th anniversary

TYPO3 celebrates it’s 20th anniversary. Having been one of the very first Content Management Systems on the market 20 years of market leadership is an achievement truly worth celebrating.
Let’s take a minute to reflect on the 20 years passed:

  • 1997: The idea for TYPO3 is born
  • 2000: The TYPO3 community is born
  • 2005: the first TYPO3 conference is held
  • 2008: TYPO3 reaches a market share of close to 40% in central Europe
  • 2010: TYPO3 5.0 shakes up the CMS world
  • 2014: 95% of the world’s websites run on Open Source and 60% on TYPO3
  • 2017: Happy 20th Birthday TYPO3

All the TYPO3 enthusiasts in the world: Keep up the great work!

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